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Eco-conscious, Sustainable Dog Grooming in Perth

When it comes to stockists, it’s so important for us to form relationships with people whose visions align with our own. There’s nothing we love more than connecting with like minded business owners who take an eco conscious and sustainable approach to their work. Starting her own grooming business by the age of 23, Rikki from Pampered Pet Grooming is kicking goals in Perth. Concerned with being as environmentally friendly as possible, Rikki only uses the most natural and organic products in her store. With a passion for dogs and love for eco friendly products, it was the most perfect fit for Organic Pet Pharmacy. To discover more about what it means to be an environmentally conscious business, we chatted with the lovely Rikki herself.

What inspired you to start your business?
Dogs, dogs, dogs! Nothing explains me more than ‘the crazy, hippy dog lady’. I’ve grown up being obsessed with animals and nature and wanted to combine the two. I’m passionate about saving the environment and knowing that pets are one of the biggest impacts on the environment, I wanted to influence others to make wiser choices when it comes to their pets. Opening the shop made the most sense in order to do that!

How does environmental sustainability impact the way you run your business?
It is a slight contradiction being passionate about the environment and pets given the impact they have on the environment but it has pushed me to source responsibly to reduce our little ones global footprints.

What are some small ways that your business is environmentally conscious?
We use only natural and organic products. When sourcing them I endeavour to find the most sustainable products (including the meats they use). I also use a double tank hydrobath which recycles water and with the wastewater (seeing as all of my shampoos are grey water safe, low ph and plant based), I water my plants! The lights only go on in the shop when needed and I try to use as little electricity as possible. We’re also going completely paperless for our filing systems. There’s so much more to list!

Do you think being a young business owner has given you a unique outlook?
I think my generation as a whole have very similar outlooks and morals in regards to the environment nowadays. It means I can appreciate the things they’re looking for and hopefully provide with amazing suppliers like yourselves!

Why was Organic Pet Pharmacy such a good fit?
ORGANIC. A product that says it’s organic and is also Eco friendly! It’s clear that so much thought has gone behind creating this product and brand, which I respect and love so much and hope my customers do too!

Do you have any plans in the future to further contribute to sustainability?
I would love to continue sourcing and stocking as many Eco friendly and organic products as possible. I want to also work with current suppliers to make their brands as Eco friendly as possible (recycling plastic or glass bottles etc). I’m also currently working with a company to create a bamboo doggy toothbrush. So many cool and new ideas that could be done, they just need to be put forward and pushed! I’m also looking into studying conservation and land management to further my knowledge.


Having achieved her dream of opening a grooming business by 25, Rikki is already well ahead of the pack. Hearing her speak about the importance of sustainability and natural ingredients has only heightened the respect we have for her as a business owner. There’s nothing more inspiring than passionate people who care for the environment as much as they care for animals. We are so proud to be stocked by such an incredible business and know our beautiful organic products are being used on some of Perth’s luckiest pups.

You can find Rikki at  Pampered Pet Grooming in Mount Hawthorn, Perth. Her grooming services are in high demand so it’s a good idea to call her on 0422 799 250 or you can book an appointment online here


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