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When it comes to my diet and lifestyle I try to keep it as healthy and balanced as possible. In doing this, I ensure my dogs are also eating food that’s healthy and fresh. A much-loved Organic Pet Pharmacy stockist is the Perth based company Wholefood Hounds.

Banana Bone Cake with Peanut Frosting

Focusing solely on delivering fresh, minimally processed food to our pets, everything is made in a holistic way. They try to source as many of their ingredients locally as possible and are such a breath of fresh air within the pet care industry. Not only offering freshly cooked meals for pets, Wholefood Hounds have a great range of natural products available including ‘pupcakes’. If that’s not the cutest thing you’ve read all day, then I don’t know what is!


My beautiful dogs Glock and Piper had the chance to try some of the Wholefood Hound meals just recently and they scoffed it down before I could even asses their reactions! So, it’s definitely a big ‘paws up’ from my pups. My girl Piper loved the Grain Free Roast Chicken and Salmon, whilst Glock devoured the Roo and Sardine. As an accredited Pet Nutritionist, I felt the foods were well balanced, offering a variety of ingredients (including a superfood Pesto) that contribute to the overall nutrient profile of the product.


Whilst I do feed my own dogs a daily diet of raw meats and other wholefoods, when I’m talking with clients my personal stance is this: if you are providing wholefoods to your dog in some form, whether that is combined with kibble, cooked, raw, barf or raw meaty bones it is a bonus to your dog’s health. In 2005 the Purdue University conducted research that had some amazing results. In the study, dogs were fed a diet of dry commercial pet food with an assortment of vegetables added to the mix at least 3 times per week. What they found, was that even with this small amount of vegetables included in their diet it decreased the risk of cancer by 90%[i]. So, you can see, even a small amount of wholefoods can make a huge difference to your pet’s health.


Roast Chicken and Salmon Meal

Does a cooked natural meal (as opposed to providing a raw meal) have any additional benefits? Absolutely. In fact, for some families, providing cooked foods to your pets may be essential. For clients with small children or those that have immunocompromised persons living with them, I actually recommend providing cooked foods to pets. Why? Well, one study found that 30-50% of stools from animals fed a raw diet tested positive for salmonella. This was in stark comparison to the animals fed conventional diets, where no cases of infection were found[ii]. Whilst good hygiene practices can substantially reduce the risk, some risks are better eliminated altogether.


The Wholefood Hounds cooked, natural and wholesome food is a fabulous alternative to processed kibble. For some of my clients, one of the hurdles to providing natural wholefoods is the ‘convenience’ factor. I totally understand that for many people with busy lifestyles, ensuring your pet gets a balanced meal is much easier to do if you are pouring it out of a bag rather than trying to buy ingredients and make it yourself. If this is you, then Wholefood Hounds is your answer!  If you’re looking to transition your dogs onto a more natural diet I have some simple tips to get going.

  1. Gradual transition – When introducing new ingredients into your dog’s diet, it’s important to do so gradually, particularly if they are used to a kibble diet. Don’t be discouraged if your dog doesn’t take to their new treats straight away, this can take time.
  2. Ease into raw food – Not all dogs take on the idea of different foods (particularly vegetables) straight away. Try starting off by introducing just a small amount of cooked ingredients in with the kibble and test the waters slowly.
  3. Make a few adjustments – Don’t forget to adjust your pet’s kibble volume for any new food added to their bowl during transition. You don’t want to overfeed them!

You can read the full article here: 5 Easy Tips for making a natural difference to your dog’s health

I also recommend providing raw bones to your dog when you feed a wholefoods diet, and you can find out why this is important here

If you’re considering switching up your dog’s diet, I highly recommend having a chat to your local veterinarian, particularly if your dog has any conditions that may need monitoring.

For all things, delicious and healthy for your pets however, head over to the Wholefood Hounds website. For us at Organic Pet Pharmacy, it’s so important to align ourselves with stockists that have a similar vision to our own. Wholefood Hounds do just that and I couldn’t be prouder of our relationship. With a sustainable and natural approach to their business, I cannot recommend them highly enough.



EMAIL: wholefoodhounds@gmail.com





[i]  http://ilarjournal.oxfordjournals.org/content/55/1/100.full  (Rashaan, Knapp, Bonney: 2005)

[ii] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC339295/ (Joffee, Schlesinger: 2002)


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