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“The only creatures that are evolved enough to convey pure love are dogs and infants.” - Johnny Depp

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Organic Pet Pharmacy products are crafted with organic and naturally-derived, plant based ingredients. Our products are free from synthetic fragrances and chemicals. We list all ingredients on every product because we passionately believe in transparency. Every customer deserves to know what they are putting on to their skin, into their body and into the environment. So do our pets.

Have you ever wondered why so many animals suffer with itchy skin conditions? Why not have a look at the shampoo or fragrance that you are using on your dog. Are the ingredients listed? Probably not, but if they smell like ‘Peach Blossom’ ‘Blueberry’ or ‘Watermelon’ (for example) chances are they are full of synthetic fragrance.

Synthetic fragrance, aside from assaulting the dogs powerful sense of smell, are a major cause of dry, itchy and flaky skin. They are often derived from petrochemicals and contain many hazardous chemicals, many of which have been linked to cancer, birth defects, nervous-system disorders and allergies. Fragrances often also contain Phthalates (said Th-ay- lates) which can disrupt hormone activity, reduce sperm count, and cause reproductive malformation, and have been linked to liver and breast cancer, diabetes, and obesity. They are bad for human and dog alike.

You often won’t find the ingredients listed on products used to groom and wash our precious pets, because cheap synthetic surfactants such as sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) or sodium laureth sulfate (SLES) are used. These products are known to be highly drying of the skin and irritating. What’s worse, is they are often used as degreasers in the motor vehicle industry.

Are you using a shampoo that promises more volume? This is a question for both you and your pet! Often products that claim to thicken or add volume to hair contain Cocamide DEA. Horrifically, this product is a KNOWN carcinogen. It’s been banned in California in human products, but you won’t know if it’s in your dog’s shampoo. Why ? Because most shampoo’s don’t list their ingredients!

Organic Pet Pharmacy was created with our environment in mind. Where possible we have used ECOCERT approved ingredients, biodegradable ingredients and ingredients that are cold processable. We also package our products in Glass. Plastic ends up in our waterways and is responsible for killing our marine animals and releasing toxic chemicals into our environment. Did you know that once plastic is created on our planet it can never be removed? Plastic is not biodegradable. The production of plastic uses petroleum its use plays a harmful role in polluting the environment, as its use contaminates the water and air. Glass on the other hand is 100% recyclable.

Soap Free, SLS Free, SLES Free, Paraben Free, PEG Free, Petrochemical Free, Vegan.
Please consider our environment